The Exposure Lifestyle Day Two: Smile!

When you’re walking around it can be easy to avoid looking at people, by using your phone or simply looking down. Seriously, next time you’re out take a look at how many people are looking at their phones when walking around. The problem is that if you have any social anxiety this can just reinforce the idea that it’s scary to look at people.

What I did today was walk around and see how many people I could make smile in 10 minutes. How? It’s super easy. I walked around, tried to make eye contact with everyone, and if they made eye contact back, I smiled. You should definitely try this one!

What Did I Learn?

First, I felt really good afterwards because all the smiling put me in a good mood! Not one person frowned at me. Also, you’d be amazed at how many people did smile back! This doubled how good I felt because it’s like I was contributing to their day too. I’ll definitely do this more often!


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