The Exposure Lifestyle Day One: Hairdresser

I received a Great Clips coupon in the mail last week so today I decided to go. My hair was getting far too long! First, I accidentally went to a different chain with the coupon, and it was only when I sat down with the hairdresser and mentioned the voucher that they said I was in the wrong shop…A little embarrassing. I’ll add that to my exposure list for future though (try to use a coupon for one store in a different store!)

I then went to the correct hairdressers and the person at the front told me that the wait was one-hour long. Now, usually that would be enough and I would say, “thank you, I’ll come back another time.” However, since I’m doing daily exposures I decided to make this an exposure to feeling like a burden. I worry that by asking more questions the person is going to think I’m annoying or stupid. So, by asking more questions I get to see how the person reacts and whether I can tolerate it.

What happened?

Here’s a rough transcript:

Hairdresser: “Hey, did you check in online?”

Me: “No.”

Hairdresser: “There are seven people checked in online, it’s probably an hour wait.”

Me: “I see. What if the next person doesn’t show up?”

Hairdresser: “Sorry? There are seven people checked in so it will be about an hour.”

Me: “Right… I was just wondering what happens if they don’t show up, because the place is empty right now?”

Hairdresser: “I don’t know. Do you want to get on the list?”

Me: “No it’s ok. I just wanted to know if I could get in sooner because no one is here yet? If I stay, is that possible?”

Hairdresser: “No, it will probably be an hour, sorry.”

Me: “No worries. Thanks!”

What Did I Learn?

As you can see, I could easily have stopped at the first part, but I carried on just to see. She was very pleasant throughout, and it wasn’t too bad. Learning that it’s not too bad to burden someone with questions is really helpful for me.


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